Wednesday, June 29, 2011

when life hits

Last night I felt as if I were walkin down the sidewalk of life, enjoying the sun & son when all of the sudden someone put a dog collar around me and pulled me to a screeching, painful halt. Real life hits hard.

As most of you know, my dad was diagnosed with cancer last year & had a large tumor removed from his arm. To say it was a difficult, trying time would be a huge understatement. But, God was so faithful and healed him of that. I feel like my dad, myself and my whole family came out of that situation stronger and closer to each other and to God.

Well, two nights ago I felt my thoughts and heart slow down as my parents told me some news that seemed like a punch to the stomach. My dad was having some weird symptoms so he went to the doctor and they found 5 lumps/tumors on his lungs. So, after some tears, hugs and reeling minds it's looking like all our lives are changing before our eyes. I'm not for sure what the future holds at this moment but I do know this:

1. God was faithful before.

2. God will be faithful again.

3. "The prayer of a righteous man is POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE"

If you could pray for my dad (specifically) and for my family, that would be super wonderful. I hope this news doesn't totally ruin anyone's day but that instead you can be filled with hope and reassurance that GOD is still a God of miracles. He is not weak in dealing with us but instead he holds our every moment and calms every one of our storms of life. So, that's something to be thankful & happy for!


  1. Brooke, your blog is proof that God is already being glorified in this awful situation. Whenever God's character--His faithfulness--is praised, then He is glorified. My heart breaks for all of you but one of the best verses in the Bible is the shortest--John 11:35 "Jesus wept". Jesus, who wept at the tomb of his friend even when He knew He would raise him up again in a very short time, weeps with all of you now. I am pleading with God for you just as David pleaded with God in the Psalms. God called David a "man after His own heart" so I believe that God was just as pleased with David's pleading as he was by Paul's 'rejoicing' in trials. We're standing with you and standing on His promises.

  2. You have such a great attitude. I told your mom yesterday that I am so glad that God is not a God of statistics but a God of miracles. Love you.