Monday, August 29, 2011

school, work, park

Wow! Already done with my first week of school! Yeeeah buddy!

I'm not sure if it's because I'm an upper classman now or if college has ruined me...but I'm the biggest procrastinator now. So weird. I used to always freak out my first week of school, trying to buy books, find my classes...etc. This year, I didn't put any thought into school until 6pm the night before. The good part of this is that I wasn't stressed at all this w
eek! I think I could use an extra dose of "I care about my education still" but at the same time, I'm so laid back about it all...most things I don't really care about. Most my classes are pretty good. I'm thinking it will be an easy semester for the most part. YAY!

Last weekend/week my dad was feeling super sick. I think he got a cold or something so that was a big bummer. But, thanks to God, he is feeling better. :)

Started work today (insert happy dance)! I've mis
sed all my kiddos over the summer. Each fall I'm reminded of this song.

Took a lovely 2 hour walk through City Park (while B-rice was at practice). I loved exploring the park and admiring all the highly motivated Coloradans working out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

road trippin'

Last week I had the great pleasure of road trippin' across Colorado with Irene Grace! It was soooo crazy and ridiculous haha...story of my life. As we headed out of town we rocked out to "Jai Ho" and trucked up into the mountains.

Day 1
: We stopped off in Glenwood Springs for the day. Sadly, we got lost and then stuck on a really bad dirt road while trying to find our campsite. Irene was stressed and worried about her car being ruined. I was laughing saying, "This is seriously like a movie!" We ended up finding a tiny old man with a pickup truck to pull us outta the ditch. Thankfully, we got out, found our campsite and then went to downtown Glenwood for AMAZING Italian food.

Day 2
: Drove through Maroon Bells area. It was the most beautiful drive/area I could possibly imagine. If you can, you need to see that before you die. Colorado never ceases to amaze me. We got to Crested Butte where we were greeted by hills filled with wildflowers. The mountains looked yellow because of all the flowers. It was GORGEOUS! Crested Butte was by far my favorite place we went.

Day 3
: On our way to Telluride we drove through Gunnison and Montrose. Gunnison was really pretty and it was fun to see the terrain change every ten minutes. We stayed at Alta Lakes, outside of Telluride. It was so pretty, we were right on one of the three lakes up there.

Day 4
: We had a relaxing day of exploring the lakes up there. Reading by the lake and taking a nap in the sun was a nice change of pace. By the end of the day, however, we slightly lost our minds and ended up singing "Reading Rainbow" and "7th Heaven" songs by the campfire at night. haha it was a classic last night of camping.

Day 5
: Despite being extremely tired, we explored the town of Telluride and stayed at an awesome hotel! YAY! It was sooo nice to get all washed up and sleep in a bed. There were some really fun shops there but it was kinda like Vail in the sense that everything was super expensive and they "nickel and dimed" us everywhere.

Day 6: For our last night we stayed at a hotel in Montrose where we got all dressed up and went out for some sushi. It was so wonderful! I wasn't a huge fan of Montrose, but we did find an awesome jerky stand right on the side of the road. Aaaah, so delish!

It was a super crazy adventure. I am now, more than ever, convinced that Colorado is the most stunning state. Pictures don't even do it justice. However, I also realized, mountain people are INSANE! Truly, they are out of their minds. But ya know, that just made the trip all the more interesting, right?

I got home, got ready in a half an hour, and then went to the Army Ball in the Springs! haha it was such a random night. I was for sure not expecting to go to a Ball after a week of camping but it ended up being a fun night and I met some cool people. And to answer your question: yes, my date we cute. And yes, we are just friends! haha

Saturday, August 6, 2011


warning::: this is going to be an extremely random, sporadic blog post :) enjoy.

My parents got back from AZ the other night! YAY! It's been so nice to have them home (especially because I don't have to play mommy anymore! wooohoo!). Dad is doing okay. He wasn't feeling good after driving 14hrs but he's happy to be home. His back has been hurting a lot lately. He says it's the tumors refluxing the pain into his back. Oh! Also, his operation to get the port put in went well! Success! Thanks for the prayers for that. It looks like a big bump under his skin on his chest. I almost passed out looking at it...haha which means it doesn't look bad or anything, stuff like that just freeeeaks me out. Anywhoo, my parents will probably be going back to Arizona for a few days of treatments again sometime soon-ish.

Please keep the Seedroff family in your prayers. Tom is in the hospital again. Guidance + peace is for sure needed (and of course HEALING).

I watched an ENTIRE game of soccer the other night! Amazing. Haha that was for sure a first. Ben, Brice, mom and I went to a Rapids game. Other than the players dramatically laying on the grass after barely getting hit, it was a great time! Loved it! Also, went to see "Calling Out West" in concert at the Gothic, along with "The Fairgrounds". Look 'em up, you might like them!

New obsession:

Woke up this morning to the SUPER depressing news that over 20 Navy SEALs from SEAL team six lost their lives while fighting our our country's freedom. My heart goes out to the SEAL community, their families and all their friends. Sometimes I wish I could fix this stupid, disgusting, annoying and perverted world we live in. Makes me so sad.

I've been reading the book "Leadership and Self-Deception" off and on this Summer. I'd recommend it (even if you aren't a leader, it's still good). It just got me thinking about how amazing the world would be if each person saw everyone else and actually CARED about them as people. A lot of times I feel myself go on "auto pilot" and trot through life just trying to reach the goal I have in mind (such as: buy tooth paste and get out of the store as fast as possible so I can go home). I often wonder about all the randoms I pass by from day to day. I'm sure they all have junk going on in their lives. What makes them happy? Could I make their day by making them laugh or seeing how they are doing? Keep that in mind as you walk though life. Other people are walking too. Maybe you can make their journey a little brighter.

Have you ever prayed, "God, I'll do or go or say whatever you want me to." But then when He actually calls you to something you get gun shy? Hmmm well, I feel like God is calling me to something that I'm for sure gun shy about. But, one thing I've learned: it's better to be uncomfortable doing His will than being comfy outside of it. So, God: your will be done.

"As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him."

--are you walking IN HIM?
I have been asking myself that a lot lately. So, my new goal: Invite God to walk (and run) and do whatever else I do during my day...WITH ME.

Also, I went to the brand spankin' new DENVER IKEA with Emily Spirek! It was amazing. Wonderful store, spectacular company :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

eleventh year.

Last week I enjoyed my 11th year of Nationwide Youth Roundup (NYR)!! Haha it's crazy to think I've been going to that camp for so long. Every year is always so epic and this year was definitely not a disappointment. Camping in beautiful Colorado with 2,000 other teens from around the states, listening to awesome speakers, and worshiping God in the great outdoors. How could ya beat that?

There were 33 of us all together which was one of the biggest groups we've ever had. To say it was the most ridiculous week of my life would be a complete understatement. I can't even remember how many times I asked, "Is this real life?!?" Our group was so diverse in every possible way. In race, age, language, gender, and spirituality. This made for such an incredible, fun, interesting, RIDICULOUS, and sometimes challenging time. I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Through the week there were so many highlights. Some of them included:
-Feminar & Manfrence nights
-Rockin' the rainboots
-College class
-Laughing uncontrollably (everyday!)
-Awesome worship in the valley
-Challenging & encouraging speakers
-Racing down Devils Head
-Lengthy talks about God
-Late night craziness with the other leaders
-Seeing God doing amazing things ALL week.
-Being able to see lives change
-Getting to know every one in the group way better

However, the biggest highlight of all was seeing 9 of our students decide to give their lives to God and be baptized!! There is truly nothing more beautiful in life. I mean seriously - what could be better than that? I think I cried at every single one. I pray that God will continue to strengthen and guide each one of you guys! Keep them lifted up in prayer:

Amir, Elyse, Hannah, Christian, Jordan, Nick, Dawit, Malaya & Carlos
"God can do anything, you know--
far more than you could ever imagine
or guess or request
in your wildest dreams!
He does it not by pushing us around
but by working within us,
his spirit deeply and gently within us."
-Ephesians 3:20 (message)