Monday, February 28, 2011

This week has been....ummm insane?


But ya know, life is still good!

Favorite Quotes from Work:

**2nd Grader:
"Brookie?!?" (she looked at me like she'd never seen me before)
"Did you comb your hair all by yourself today?!?"
"Yes, I did! Did you?"
"No....mommy had to help me."
She was so amazed that I could comb my hair all by myself. It's awesome, I know.

**3rd Grader:
Girl 1: "Brookie you look like Bob the Builder."
Me: "I don't look like him. He's a boy!"
Girl 2: "No, Brookie. You don't look like Bob the Builder. You're pretty. You're like prettier than Taylor Swift.....And she's like really pretty...."
hahahaha, take that, Taylor Swift! jk

While outside he came up to me screaming:
"BROOKIE! Help! Help! Help!"
I turn around and he had a HUGE booger hanging out of his nose, half way into his mouth (being inhaled while he was talking) and the other half was dripping down his shirt.
He said, "I HATE sneezing!"
haha poor kid. I don't understand how such a little thing could produce so much snot.

I got the awesome privilege to go to the mountains with a bunch of college-aged ladies this weekend! It was so fun! We...
  • Went snowshoeing (my favorite new outdoor sport)
  • Played games (including the funniest game of CatchPhrase I've ever played)
  • Met/ hung out with some awesome girls
  • Relaxing in the hot tub
  • Worshiped our Jesus together (which is seriously one of my favorite things EVER. I just can't sit still when I'm in a setting like that. I've gotta move, man! When I close my eyes, I just think about being in a huge stadium in heaven, filled with people praising God. Like wow. It gets me SO pumped for I can't even deal with it! Haha...I probably should stop here because I'm getting a little too excited)
  • Heard from an awesome speaker that really spoke some awesome truths into each of our lives
The major things I took away from the weekend was:
--The importance of community
--Satan feeds me SO many lies, daily. I really have to stay rooted in the Word to be able to discern what is truth and what are lies. They gave us a sheet of paper with a bunch of truths about who we are in Christ (with corresponding scriptures) and it is SO encouraging! I love it! I eat it for my Spiritual breakfast in the morning :)Another MONUMENTAL thing I discovered this week was a "Brookie" (pictured above)
What is a Brookie?
A brownie inside of a cookie!
Let me tell haven't lived until you've had one of these. SO GOOD!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lovin' & Dreamin'

What a wonderful week of

Valentine's Day was so wonderful this year! I just loved it. Unlike years past, it didn't feel like a monumental day to me. haha. I finished up house sitting, went out to lunch with a friend, taught my last hip-hop dance class at work, went to Qudoba with dad (they gave you buy 1 get 1 free if you kissed the person you were with! Haha so I gave my daddy a kiss on the cheek), then studied my little booty off for a test! But the best part of my day was spent with my love, Jesus! He is so awesome and loving and supportive even when I don't deserve it. He fills me up to the tippy top with his all-consuming love.

Speaking of math teacher gave me tea this week! It for sure made me super happy and now I love his class even more :)
This week I got the awesome opportunity to be a chaperon for the Revolve Tour! It was such an amazing weekend filled with girl talk, Jesus, awesome bands, great speakers, and crazy sleepover madness (yes, we even painted our nails).The whole weekend was centered around the theme: "Dream On". All the speakers encouraged us with the scripture that says that God is going to do immeasurably more than we could possibly dream or imagine in our lives. We were told that we need to dream BIG! And man oh man, we came out of that place with some awesome big dreams for our lives. One big dream God placed on my heart was to (possibly) be a speaker or do something at a conference like that someday. To me, it sounded crazy. I was like, "Really, God? I'm not so sure about that one." But if it's His will for me, I can't wait to see Him work it all out. Now that would be awesome to see! I love seeing God do things that seem so out of reach or impossible.

So for all you: What would be your biggest, craziest dream??

P.S. Speaking of dreams...I had a dream that I was playing in a park with Obama. hahaha.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New this, New that

This week has been a week of newness!
I got a new bed (a big girl, queen sized bed)! Which meant I had to downsize everything in my room. Thus far, we've sold my old bed and dresser. Now to sell the desk and vanity! So fun! I could redecorate everyday. Ikea feeds this obsession of mine. Aaaaah I can't wait until they open one here this fall!! It can't come fast enough!

Buuuuuuut, instead of enjoying my wonderful new bed, in my incredibly empty room, I'm house sitting! Brice stayed with me last night so I made crepes this morning! Ah! I'm so proud of these little beauties. My first time making them and they were wonderful (if I do say so myself). Last night we got some chipotle and watched Wall-e! So great!

God is like crazy awesome all the time. I don't know how else to explain it. But He just always fills me with awe-struck love for him that I just don't even know what to say about it. He's just flippin great! But that's nothing really new ;)

Friday, February 4, 2011

lockers and locos

I gotta locker.
I gotta locker.
I gotta locker,
Hey hey hey hey!

This is super thrilling to me because:
1. I've never had my own locker before.
2. This means I can use the treadmill @ school.
3. And because it's just so gosh darn cute!

Los locos de MSCD:


1. A girl around the age of 25ish was walking around campus with a pink, knit hat with "American Girl" on the side. She was also carrying her very own American Girl Doll. I mean, the dolls are pretty sweet but I grew out of that phase once I reached the age of 10.

2. A guy in my class came in with a blue-haired wig/Afro. He simply said, "I woke up today and thought, 'It's a blue hair day....' " Ummm...okay?? That doesn't make
it appropriate nor socially accepted.

3. Walking to class + snow + zero traction shoes + ice = I fell, thrashed my knee, got covered in snow and now I have a lovely purple bruise the size of my fist

4. On the lightrail (why do I have so many lightrail stories? I have no idea) there were a bunch of people packed on. Right when I saw who I was standing next to...I knew it'd be a long, interesting ride home. The guy to my left (we'll call him Mr. Creep) start
ed beat-boxing right next to me. I looked over and Mr. Creep wasn't listening to music, but I guess he decided he would create his own (slightly horrible) song for all to hear! As the train started going, he grabbed the handrail on the right side of my head, essentially putting his arm around my shoulder. Then his phone goes off and it was the Mario Bros theme song! What. A. WEIRDO!

lovely sunset

One of my goals for the year is to memorize a scripture every month. For the new month of February (can you believe it's already February?!?) is:

Romans 5:3-5
"We also rejoice in our sufferings,
because we know that
suffering produces perseverance;
perseverance, character;
and character, hope.
And hope does not disappoint us,
because God has poured out his
love into our hearts
by the Holy Spirit,
whom he has given us."