Sunday, November 20, 2011

oh my lanta

Oh, my lanta...

--I'm on Fall break (holla!!!)
--Haircut, new glasses, & got my nails did
--Christmas lights & Christmas music are spreading through town and ME OH MY I'm so flippin' full of the Christmas spirit!! It's sufficient to say I'm freaking out.
--Kate & Prince William are having a baby!
--Random lady on campus had me answer her research questions by asking me if I'd pay to have "Sleeping PODS" on campus. I walked away laughing really hard.  I truly don't know why bizarre people feel the need to pick me out of thousands of people.  Haha seriously, why me?!?
--I was rocking out to Christmas music in rush hour traffic and got some pretty hilarious looks.
--Watched "The Never Ending Story" (one and two) at work.  Have you SEEN that junk?!  I'm convinced whoever wrote that were on mad drugs.
--So many fiestas this weekend! Love it!
--My science teacher (middle age, single, ex-Navy, fat, bald) wanted the girls in my class to hang out with him in is office.  He said we can just talk or play scrabble.  Well, if I didn't think he was a weird creep before that, that sealed the deal for me!
--Dad has been doing better this past week - less pain, less nausea.  Started a new treatment in town that radiates the blood with UV lights.  Praying that this treatment will be the miracle we're praying for!
--Preparing for Thanksgiving festivities!  Friends+Family+Food!
--Feeling so thankful for fellowship.  Being around people who can challenge, encourage and share life with you.  Granted, quality time is my love I know I might think this is better than others may think.  But, I think it's one of the greatest things on earth.

oh my lanta, 
oh my lanta,
oh my lanta!
so much, so much.

hahaha I got the craziest glasses I saw. 
Nerdy? yes.
Way too hipster? yes.
But I figured I only wear them at home, so mine as well get some that made me happy! 
haha they're ridiculous.

 I feel like it's impossible to pick out a nail color. There are way too many choices!  I feel like every time I get my nails done, the monumental challenge of picking the right color is daughnting. 
haha any guy who reads this is going to think I'm certifiable.
Can I get an "amen" from my sistahs out there?!

Oh my magical :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Praise God for all the things He has blessed you with!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

lists & lessons

I like lists. we go:

Last weekend:
-Brett & Emily were in town
-Engagement party
-Exhausting but great weekend.
-Lunch with Nanette (!!)
-Registered for classes for next semester.  How weird is that?

This weekend:
-Photo shoot of Anna & her adorable prego self
-Great day at church, complete with learning about the power of the Holy Spirit
-Various chai/coffee dates with lovely ladies

-I was shown in a dramatic way this past week how Satan tries so hard to screw over God's people.  Many times he succeeds.  But God always wins.  It's so frustrating to know that Satan tries to kick you while you're down.  He'll do anything to get you to fall, to stumble, to doubt and stray from God.  There are so many places in the Bible that says, "Be prepared" or "Beware" of the attacks Satan is throwing your way.  My suggestion: if you don't think Satan is effecting you, then he is winning.  But, praise God that He will always win and, "Rescue you from any evil attack."

-God has done things for me in the past.  He is always faithful.  Therefore, it is easy to deduce that He will do the same in the future.

-I LOVE people who are not argumentative & don't complain.  It is so refreshing to be around.  Let's strive for more of that. 

-I can't wait for next week - Thanksgiving & no school nor work!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Happy (late) Halloween!

I'm never really thrilled to celebrate Halloween, but $2.00 Chipotle burrito and hanging with family makes it worth it.  Some of the little kids are so adorable all dressed up.  Other little kids' costumes makes me really wonder about their parents.  Little girls looking like little hookers?  No. Not okay.  But, oh well.  It was fun handing out free candy.  Which really makes me wonder...why is Halloween the exception to the rule "Don't take candy from strangers"?  haha just a thought.

Last weekend was a rough one.  Dad was feeling suuuuper crappy.  I was stressed with school.  And Steph's memorial service was filled with lots of tears.  

But, dad is feeling a little better now.  School isn't too unbearable.  And Steph was truly honored and loved.

"Colder Weather" by Zac Brown Band has been stuck in my head all week.

At work I did a craft with the kids where we covered pens with clay & a fake fingernail.  The finished product was a creepy looking finger that was actually a pen!  Haha the kids LOVED it...I thought it was pretty great too.

I had to take the "Praxis Exam" at school this week.  It is a test that potential teachers must past to be certified to teach.  AND I PASSED! :) :) :)  Oh man, such a relief!  Thank you, Jesus!

I caved in and started listening to Christmas music this week!  Haha, I couldn't help myself.  I am SO flippin' happy that (in my book) the holiday season is in full swing.  It truly is "the most wonderful time of the year!"

At Auraria Campus they had "The Wall: The Veteran's Traveling Tribute."  There were huge signs about each war the US has been involved in.  A copy of the Vietnam memorial.  And a few signs that were covered with dog tags of all the men & women who have given their life for the fight against the War on Terrorism.  It was hard to see all those names and think about the families & friends they left behind that are hurting from their loss.  However, it was awesome to see them supporting the troops.

I loved this girls' bag.  Haha and yes, I'm a creeper. No big deal.