Wednesday, June 27, 2012

eat up, fill up!

"Then the angel of the LORD came again and touched him and said, 
'Get up and eat some more, 
or the journey ahead will be too much for you.' "
- 1 Kings 19:7

I was reading in first Kings the other night and that scripture really stood out to me.  
God wants us to get up and eat.  To eat that spiritual food that fills your soul.
Get up, fill up, and you'll be able to get through the journey that's ahead. 
That could mean reading your Bible, it could mean resting with God, or simply spending more time in prayer.  
I don't know.  It could be different for each person's needs.
But errbody needs to fill up!
If you feel like you're runnin' on empty, let the Spirit lead you, convict you, move you, and fill you.

Dad finished up his last radiation treatment this week (!!).  It for sure hasn't been the easiest journey but we got through.  He no longer has hair, still feels super sick some days, has foggy thinking, and his left leg/arm are still not functioning right.  They haven't done a CAT scan to see if the tumor has shrunk but I'm not sure dad wants to do it anyways.  Regardless of the results, the doctors said they would have nothing else to do (you can only radiate someone so much).  And dad says he, "Hates getting in that tube!"  So, for now he is taking some supplements that have been said to cure cancer and trying to recover from the radiation.

I hiked four 14,000 foot mountains in two weekends!  So crazy!  Two each Saturday.  
Talk about amaaaaaazing!
I love me muh Colorado mountains.
To see da peeksures, you can look on my photography blogdiggity:

Speaking of Colorado, please, please, PLEAAASE keep those beautiful mountains and all the people being affected by the fires in your prayers.  
We desperately need rain and NO wind!

Also, can I just say...this song is truly amazing?!
It just hits my spot...

Here is my main man and I on Father's Day:

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  1. You are an inspiration & that is a fantastic picture!! Love you!