Thursday, March 17, 2011

family + sun + spring

CALIFORNIA:: amazing. The WHOLE Martin family (plus Vince, Anna, neighbor, and some Jackson family!) went to Cali for a long weekend to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of Cali.
I would rate it #1 in family vacations so far.
Some things we did:
--explored Coronado Island
--went to Point Loma Light House
--played at Sea World for the day
--pool, beach, hot tub
--drank espresso (with frothed milk) every morning :)
--stayed in a crazy, safari house
--made memories
Some Stories:
1. I LOVE flying in airplanes. And I LOVE to sit by total strangers! Haha, call me a social butterfly, call me weird...but I love meeting random people. On the way there, I had an awesome convo with an older guy across the isle from me. On the way back, I sat by an awesome couple. The lady showed me pictures of her adorable niece and gave me a piece of gum. Haha, so I shared my Dove chocolate with her. It made me happy :)
2. All the girls went shopping for at least 3 hours for groceries for the weekend. It was, by far, the most intense grocery shopping event.
3. At SeaWorld, we went to the "Shamu Show" and my dad insisted we sit front and center. He insisted that we would not get wet where we were sitting. Ooooh the lies. We all walked out of there SOAKING wet. Hahaha I just remember my mom yelling, "BRrrriaaaan!!!" as she was getting splashed. On the way home, I rode in the convertible. As my hair was whipping around, some got in my mouth and let's just say, I tasted like Shamu...
love them
One of my favorite shots from the trip.
I love natural, bright, vibrant colors in nature like this...
Here comes the sun, baby!!
It's officially Spring-the days are longer, the sun is shining a bit brighter, and people are gettin outdoors!
I love it when the flowers start popping up.
I love it when the days get a bit warmer.
I love gettin' my summer skin.
I love being outdoors.
Yesterday I went on my first bike ride of the year!
And, I am officially on SPRING BREAK!
This is a long awaited break. I probably stayed in bed for 3 hours longer than I should have haha but that's what you're supposed to do on break, right? I'm so pumped!
Happy Spring to you
and Happy Saint Patty's Day, too!

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