Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the "Martin" family

Since the beginning of 2012, each week could easily be described as "crazy."

I started my Spring semester of my Junior year!  Woopwoop!  My stubbornness might come to bite me in the butt this semester.  I'm determined to finish school in a prompt manner and come out debt free.  This means taking around 18 credit hours each semester.  Up till now, I thought, "No big deal."  Ha...this time around I might be regretting this life choice.  But, it's all good.  I have some really quality professors this time which makes a world of difference.

Also, I'm back at work!  Oh my goodness, praise GOD!  I flippin' love my job and all my little kiddos so much.  Makes me happy.

Things with dad have been a whirlwind these past few weeks.  To catch up:
- Did another CT scan and found out the cancer has spread to his liver & bones. 
- The bump on his stomach that we thought was a torn muscle is a tumor
- There is a tumor pressing against his heart
- He is still on oxygen
- Had more fluid removed from his lungs (less than two weeks after the last operation) and there was more fluid than before.
- My parents will be heading down to Texas for a few weeks to get treatment from a guy down there. 

So, all this news is for sure not "good" news.  I think that's pretty obvious.  And yes, it really stinks.  But at the same time, I firmly believe God holds us when everything is spinning out of control.  He picks us up when we've fallen to our knees.  He provides in the nick of time.  And he speaks tenderly when the worries of the world are screaming.  But most of all, He is a God of healing.  He is a God of miracles.  

Blake flew in town the weekend we found this out.  Along with my uncle.  It was great having them here.  It's always so nice to have family close.

This past weekend all my aunts, uncles and some cousins from my dad's side came in town.  Talk about a family reunion!  The last time I saw them I was like 7 years old.  So, I basically met them all for the first time.  Haha, it was odd to introduce myself to someone that I'm blood related to...but the awkwardness quickly disappeared.  We went from strangers to family in just one weekend.  There was laughing, joking, story telling, picture showing, tears shed, food eaten and pictures taken.  They are all awesome and I can officially claim them as mine :)

I'm working my way through reading the Bible in a year and I couldn't be loving it more.  Check out CCV's program to read it in a year.  It's so easy to keep up with and it's awesome.

I STARTED A PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG!  Oh my goodness, so pumped about it!!  Go follow it to keep up my some of my pictures!

Anyways, I guess that's a summary of what's happenin'.  Please keep my parents in your prayers as they travel and get treatment.  We are praying in faith that this will be a turn around point for dad.  And pray for my sanity this semester ;)

P.S. God blessed me with money from a house sitting job this weekend.  So, looks like I'm ditching school and work for a few days to venture off to the Lone Star State with the parents!  I wanted to help them with travel and get them settled.  Anyone have any tips, advice, or know anything/anyone in Houston?!?

This perfectly describes school:
-the lightrail
-and lots of cigarettes

Got to watch these beautiful babies.  Love them so much!

Some "Martin" family

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