Sunday, September 16, 2012



I love the word: musing.

So, that's what I'm going to do...

Well, I'm of age to drink alcoholic beverages.
haha aka: I turned 21.
This is exciting, stuff, don't ya know?!
Not that I am planning on drinking every day.
haha at all...
But I feel all growd' up now!
Besides renting a car (seriously, why do you have to be 25?!)  I can do virtually anything!

Watch out, world!

Just kidding.  I'm not doing anything particularly crazy.
I'm actually waiting for my first loaf of home-made, gluten free bread!
The smell...oh baby, it's filling the house...
and I still have an HOUR and a HALF to wait for it to be done!
Patience is a virtue, right?

Some favorite lines from work include (but are not limited to):

4th Grade Girl:
"Brookie, when I was in preschool, I used to get really hungry.  So, I would go up to this little girl and start biting her arm.  I just wanted something to bite.  Because I was hungry!  My dad had to call her dad and apologize.  My dad said, 'Sorry my daughter is trying to eat your daughter.' hahahaha it was funny."

2nd Grade Boy:
"Hey, if you could be any car, what kind of car would you be?!  I would be a tow truck.  Because then I could throw my hook at people and throw them WAY UP into in the air!, if I was driving to work someday, I could hook the cars in front of me and throw them out of my way!  Then I would never be late!  Muuuahahahahhaa!"

2nd Grade Girl:
"Brookie Cookie, I am going to call you 'Miss Cookie'.  Or, no...I'm going to call you....MADAME COOKIE!"
Haha, it is pretty awesome to hear "Madame Cookie" being screamed across the playground.  The parents give me really weird looks...and it's awesome.

Man, kids are great.
They are hilarious.
And they make me super happy.

Anywhooo, my birthday was super great.
I am up on technology now with my lil iPHONE,
I got flowers, did a "Canvas and Cocktails" class,
new Fall candle, a large knife,
emergency blanket, multipurpose tool (brothers are great!),
and an awesome day filled with people I really, really love.

So thankful and so blessed.
Thanks so all that made it so special and blissFULL.

Dad update::
Well, he has (thankfully) regained some of his apetite.  This is great news because now all foods don't taste entirely disgusting to him!  Yay!  So, as long as he isn't throwing up, he is able to get some food in him.  His pain levels have been increasing and he has had a nasty cough.  He is going in to get an xray sometime soon to check out his lungs.  Praying things are lookin good, they can have some good reports, the cough will go away, he will get some more energy, pain will be controlled, and that he will gain more weight. that too much to ask for?  Nope.  We are to "boldly approach the throne of God", right?  Well, there ya go.  Pray with boldness, people! :)

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