Thursday, November 8, 2012

the boundary line

I've been thinking about how God orchestrates our lives.
He opens doors and closes them.
He speaks and he is silent.

God places us in situations we don't want to be in.
He calls us to stay.  He calls us to go.

And ya know what, sometimes it's not what I want.
Sometimes, it's exactly what I don't want. 
I found myself wanting to change so much in my life that I have zero control over.

This seems a little silly,
but it all came to a head when I went running the other day:

I was pumped.  I was going to "My View".

Let me explain that a bit...
"My View" is a 3mile loop that is perfection.
It is the closest area to my house that has the best view of the mountains.
Being in the city, it's not always easy to find a place where you can get a really great view of those gorgeous mountains.
But no, My View is awesome.
I can see the gorgeous sunsets and mountains and get my 3 miles in!

I thought it was PERFECT.

Okay, so you get it.  I love it there.
Well, the other day I went out and I saw this:

Gosh, I was about to jump over that fence and tell them to STOP!
They are building something exactly where my view is.
My mountain view was replaced with a green fence.
The fresh mountain air was being polluted with diesel. 

I was mad.
I turned around and headed down another street, through a little neighborhood.
Once on that new lil road, yellow trees lined the black pavement.
It was dreamy.
I then found a little trail I'd heard of before.  I was a little timid about trying it out - I didn't want to go down a sketch trail and ruin my run!
But oh baby was freaking amazing.  Huge old trees, dirt path, open fields, a few ponds, and spectacular views of the mountains!

As I ran along, I realized...
wow.  I thought My View was perfect.  I thought that was the best it could get.  But because that was no longer an option, I was able to go somewhere completely new and it was far better than I thought was possible!

I have seen this over and over in my life.

When I think something is great, the door gets shut, I get upset...yet God somehow always gives me something better.

I keep on coming back to this scripture:

"The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
surely I have a delightful inheritance."

-Psalm 16:6

There are so many boundary lines that I have come across.
Boundaries that are set without my consent.

I've seen this in relationships:
you think this cute lil crush of yours is the end all, be all...
and he isn't.
You think friends will be by your side for forever and ever, amen...
but for whatever reason, life happens, and they aren't there anymore.
Distance that cannot be breached,
lines that can't be crossed.
Things that can't be mended.

I've seen this in situations I've been in:
can't move off to another country because, well...
I need to get things done, focus on adult things...
just stuff that I would rather do without, but I can't.
Lines that are there that I wish wouldn't be.

However, I've come to this conclusion: 
those lines have fallen in pleasent places.
Instead of wondering why they are there and only seeing the...
"What the heck did they do to My View?!"
I am realizing there is more.

God always has more in store for us.
Yes, there are lines.
There are boundaries.
But they are all set up to bless me, to help me.

To protect me.

Sure, if I'm being honest, most of the time I hate those boundary lines.
But, in the end, I realize that God is so much better than that 3mile loop.
He has a wonderland of huge trees, colorful sunsets, crisp mountain air, and infinitely more than I could ever imagine.

Respect the boundary lines,
and God will bless you with a delightful inheritance. 


  1. YES and AMEN. love you girl. thanks for the encouraging word! lifting you up in prayer this week...

  2. Such incredible insight Brooke. I really enjoyed your Revelation from The Lord! Thank you for writing this down and sharing it. You are indeed growing so much in so many areas of your walk. (Or should I say, Run with The Lord).
    Love you

  3. You have pointed people (including me) to God through this post! Thanks Brooke for blogging.

    Love, Serene