Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This has been one icy weekend!
I Am Currently:
---Listening to
Jimmy Needham's song "Dearly Loved" (go listen to it. it's amazing)

2 shirts
2 sweatshirts
1 pair of leggings
1 pair of sweat pants
1 pair of fuzzy, thick socks

1 warm hat


Due to the fact that the padres are off on some beach, I had the joy (I'm not being sarcastic) of taking the little bro to school. I say "joy" because it was beautiful to see the golden sun come up and shine it's warm light on the gorgeous white snow that seems to cover every surface area in town. However...it is so flippin cold. The inside and outside of ALL my car windows had a thick layer of ice. I made Brice get the inside while to scraped the outside. My lovely scrapers are pretty worthless. It looks like I used my nails to scrape the ice. Gotta love the quality, right? Oh...and my heater doesn't work. LOVE IT!

Anywhooooo, this weekend has been stellar. Went rappelling with some friends:
Went sledding in DTC (Denver's mini-downtown) after dark, while it was still snowing. We had loads of fun and no one got seriously injured!! (although Aulani was traumatized after one ride down the hill with me)

My favorite ride of the night was our last one. We got other sledders to join our train and all ten of us rode down the hill...with our eyes closed. Listening to the boys' grunts and laughing (which sounded like they were getting punched in the stomach), and the girls' continuous and inflectional giggles was hilarious.

I LOVE sledding here at night. With the Christmas lights still up and the buildings' lights on...it is magical.

Also, I started teaching a class at work: hip-hop dancing! My co-worker took a video of the class and let me tell you...I was crying. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Kids are so ridiculously awesome. They just danced however they wanted. It made me think of this song and how God dances over us:

You dance over me while I am unaware
You sing all around but I never hear the sound

Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
How You love me

How deep, how wide
How great is Your love for me

(In my personal opinion, I don't think he would be doing the waltz above us...I think instead he would be dancing like a child, however he felt like).

What I've realized:

*today is 1-11-11. awesome.
*when it is below zero, it is a lot harder to get the cold out of your bones.
*I love staying up late.
*in order to keep the sink clean, I'd have to do dishes at least 6 times a day. no gracias.
*working out is the most efficient way to get warm.
*I need to buy a new scraper...or two.

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