Saturday, January 29, 2011

awkward is awesome

This lovely artwork was done by a little 1st grader at my work.
I love it for so many reasons.
"Hi I am my mom" cracks me up.
And I love my job.
"Never be lacking in zeal,
but keep your spiritual fervor,
serving the LORD.
Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer."
-Romans 12:11-12

Coming home from the lightrail on Tues:
I was physically touching 4 people the
whole way home.
With every bump, someone smooshed into someone else.
It was exceedingly awkward for everyone.
I thought it was hilarious.

Last night I was leaving the hospital late (after visiting hours).
The exit that was near my car was closed and would not open (even though I was jumping and waiving at the sensor).
All the sudden I heard a loud noise coming down the hallway.
This lovely guy (pictured above) kindly showed me a different exit.
Down the hall, through the creepy church, down a stairway, and out the back door.
haha, slightly sketch.
but awkward is awesome.