Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Costa Rica Debrief

Last week in Costa Rica was...amazing.

I always feel so speechless after missions trips. I mean, what can you say? My life was changed...but I can't put my finger on what changed. I miss being there so much...but there is no place like home. So much happened that it would be impossible to tell of it all (unless you wanna grab some coffee or skype me!). People touched my life & I know I did likewise in their lives. Their faces, passion for God, and story will stick with me forever.

While There:
  • We distributed 222 Bibles to houses in the town of Santa Rita
  • 2 people decided to give their lives to God
  • Loved up on kids for 2 days of Vacation Bible School
  • Taught English at a local High School
  • Completed a work project at the High School
  • Put up a ceiling at the YWAM base
  • Did yard work & odd projects at the YWAM base
  • Went zip lining (!!!!!!!)
  • Relaxed at some hot spring pools (to finish off the trip)
I can't even explain how much fun it was to get to know all the sophomores & chaperones that were on the trip. It was neat to see people stretched and used by God. I loved the moments of deep, meaningful convos with some of the students. It was those moments that really made the trip meaningful and special for me. Being able to translate for the Bible Distribution was so sweet. I loved being able to talk to the locals and get to know them & share God with them. They were all so awesomely hospitable (inviting us in, giving us drinks & fruit). It was nothing but enjoyable. They are just so open and honest. Praying over them & their household was nothing short of powerful. God definitely worked in mighty ways.

Coming back from the states is always rough for me. I'm always late. All I want to do is talk in Spanish. I miss the food. I love being home but I want to be back there so bad. In the states I feel like so many things are valued so highly that really shouldn't be. Yet the important things are looked over. For example: tasks are valued higher than relationships in the States. We have to make time to put people in our "busy schedules" instead of the reverse. Haha...I sound like I hate the USA. I don't. I LOOOVE where I'm from and I couldn't be more proud of where I live. I guess it's just hard having 2 places that are so dear to my heart.

Anywhoooo...it was awesome. Great trip. Loved every second of it (well...maybe minus the sweat & being eaten alive by bugs bigger than my eye).
Thanks so much for your prayers & support!

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