Friday, October 28, 2011

moving down

Last week consisted of:

  • Going to Brice's final soccer games of the season - talk about intense!  Let's just say I needed some warm tea after all the yelling I did ;)

  • Went to a rock climbing competition in Boulder with Irene.  It was crazy!  It was lit up by black lights and everyone was in neon colors.  I was so impressed by the crazy strength of these people.  So legit!  It was definitely my hardest photography challenge so far.  But it was way fun.  For sure felt out of place at times but it was sweet seein' my girl do what she loves with other people that are passionate about the same thing.

  • In school, there is finally a tiny light appearing at the end of this semester.  Moving down the list of assignments.  One week at a time.  It makes me want to pull a few all-nighters just to get all my assignments done so I can relax the rest of the semester. haha...doubt that'll happen. 

  • The temperatures have been moving down steadily this past week.  We got our first semi-legit snowfall!  It didn't stick to the street and sidewalks because the ground was too warm still.  However, the snow on the grass was a pretty substantial amount! YAY!  Keep it up, Colorado! I love getting all bundled up to go out.  Makes me way too excited for Christmas!!!

  • I went for my first run in a snowstorm this week! haha so great!  Eye lashes collecting snowflakes, dodging ice patches, and getting looks from people like I'm insane.  This winter I am going to attempt to keep running through the cold.  I hate it when the Summer comes around and it's so hard to run again because I took the winter off.  So, here's to not hibernating this winter!  Cheers!

  • Mom & Dad went to Wisconsin again this week for treatment.  They left on Dad's birthday.  Happy 59th, dad!  They flew this time and they said the appointment went well.  Dad, however, has not been feeling well.  When they got home last night he went straight to bed because of the severe pain in his chest and back.  Please pray for continued renewed spirits and for him to feel better pronto.

  • Today is the memorial service for Steph Zgorzynski.  Please continue to pray for all of her family and friends who are hurting over this loss.  She was an amazing girl and she is surely with Jesus today.

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