Friday, November 4, 2011


Happy (late) Halloween!

I'm never really thrilled to celebrate Halloween, but $2.00 Chipotle burrito and hanging with family makes it worth it.  Some of the little kids are so adorable all dressed up.  Other little kids' costumes makes me really wonder about their parents.  Little girls looking like little hookers?  No. Not okay.  But, oh well.  It was fun handing out free candy.  Which really makes me wonder...why is Halloween the exception to the rule "Don't take candy from strangers"?  haha just a thought.

Last weekend was a rough one.  Dad was feeling suuuuper crappy.  I was stressed with school.  And Steph's memorial service was filled with lots of tears.  

But, dad is feeling a little better now.  School isn't too unbearable.  And Steph was truly honored and loved.

"Colder Weather" by Zac Brown Band has been stuck in my head all week.

At work I did a craft with the kids where we covered pens with clay & a fake fingernail.  The finished product was a creepy looking finger that was actually a pen!  Haha the kids LOVED it...I thought it was pretty great too.

I had to take the "Praxis Exam" at school this week.  It is a test that potential teachers must past to be certified to teach.  AND I PASSED! :) :) :)  Oh man, such a relief!  Thank you, Jesus!

I caved in and started listening to Christmas music this week!  Haha, I couldn't help myself.  I am SO flippin' happy that (in my book) the holiday season is in full swing.  It truly is "the most wonderful time of the year!"

At Auraria Campus they had "The Wall: The Veteran's Traveling Tribute."  There were huge signs about each war the US has been involved in.  A copy of the Vietnam memorial.  And a few signs that were covered with dog tags of all the men & women who have given their life for the fight against the War on Terrorism.  It was hard to see all those names and think about the families & friends they left behind that are hurting from their loss.  However, it was awesome to see them supporting the troops.

I loved this girls' bag.  Haha and yes, I'm a creeper. No big deal.

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