Sunday, November 20, 2011

oh my lanta

Oh, my lanta...

--I'm on Fall break (holla!!!)
--Haircut, new glasses, & got my nails did
--Christmas lights & Christmas music are spreading through town and ME OH MY I'm so flippin' full of the Christmas spirit!! It's sufficient to say I'm freaking out.
--Kate & Prince William are having a baby!
--Random lady on campus had me answer her research questions by asking me if I'd pay to have "Sleeping PODS" on campus. I walked away laughing really hard.  I truly don't know why bizarre people feel the need to pick me out of thousands of people.  Haha seriously, why me?!?
--I was rocking out to Christmas music in rush hour traffic and got some pretty hilarious looks.
--Watched "The Never Ending Story" (one and two) at work.  Have you SEEN that junk?!  I'm convinced whoever wrote that were on mad drugs.
--So many fiestas this weekend! Love it!
--My science teacher (middle age, single, ex-Navy, fat, bald) wanted the girls in my class to hang out with him in is office.  He said we can just talk or play scrabble.  Well, if I didn't think he was a weird creep before that, that sealed the deal for me!
--Dad has been doing better this past week - less pain, less nausea.  Started a new treatment in town that radiates the blood with UV lights.  Praying that this treatment will be the miracle we're praying for!
--Preparing for Thanksgiving festivities!  Friends+Family+Food!
--Feeling so thankful for fellowship.  Being around people who can challenge, encourage and share life with you.  Granted, quality time is my love I know I might think this is better than others may think.  But, I think it's one of the greatest things on earth.

oh my lanta, 
oh my lanta,
oh my lanta!
so much, so much.

hahaha I got the craziest glasses I saw. 
Nerdy? yes.
Way too hipster? yes.
But I figured I only wear them at home, so mine as well get some that made me happy! 
haha they're ridiculous.

 I feel like it's impossible to pick out a nail color. There are way too many choices!  I feel like every time I get my nails done, the monumental challenge of picking the right color is daughnting. 
haha any guy who reads this is going to think I'm certifiable.
Can I get an "amen" from my sistahs out there?!

Oh my magical :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Praise God for all the things He has blessed you with!


  1. Haha I definitely understand the mass amounts of nail polish color choices. Wait till you have to organize them by color by eye....they all look the same! OPI has 20 different reds, its ridiculous! Love the glasses though!

  2. Brooke! Your glasses are so great!

  3. And you better not only wear those at home. I better see you rockin them at Passage