Sunday, November 13, 2011

lists & lessons

I like lists. we go:

Last weekend:
-Brett & Emily were in town
-Engagement party
-Exhausting but great weekend.
-Lunch with Nanette (!!)
-Registered for classes for next semester.  How weird is that?

This weekend:
-Photo shoot of Anna & her adorable prego self
-Great day at church, complete with learning about the power of the Holy Spirit
-Various chai/coffee dates with lovely ladies

-I was shown in a dramatic way this past week how Satan tries so hard to screw over God's people.  Many times he succeeds.  But God always wins.  It's so frustrating to know that Satan tries to kick you while you're down.  He'll do anything to get you to fall, to stumble, to doubt and stray from God.  There are so many places in the Bible that says, "Be prepared" or "Beware" of the attacks Satan is throwing your way.  My suggestion: if you don't think Satan is effecting you, then he is winning.  But, praise God that He will always win and, "Rescue you from any evil attack."

-God has done things for me in the past.  He is always faithful.  Therefore, it is easy to deduce that He will do the same in the future.

-I LOVE people who are not argumentative & don't complain.  It is so refreshing to be around.  Let's strive for more of that. 

-I can't wait for next week - Thanksgiving & no school nor work!

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