Sunday, April 1, 2012


Woah, woah, woah.
It's already APRIL!?!
This is just madness, I tell ya.  Time is flying by!

Spring break has already come and gone.  It was filled with blissful, extended amounts of time outdoors hiking or running.  Haha I got so sunburnt.  It was great.  Everyone deserves at least a few days off to enjoy the sun every once in a while.  It clears the mind.  Makes everything seem alright with the world again.  If it were up to me, I would spend one day in the city with society then run away to the mountains and just live outdoors.  One day of real life, then one day of sheer bliss.  Haha...I can dream, right?

This week I'm off work!  Woohoo!  It feels like I have Spring break all over again.  Well...kinda.  Projects and papers seem to be piling up in this final month of school.  That's how it always is though.  
Just one more month.  Just one more month.  Just one more month!

Over the course of the last few weeks, dad had to go to the hospital once.  He was having severe abdomen pain and had to stay over night.  But, thankfully they were able to fix that with no problem.  While we were there, they found that part of his lung was collapsed again.  However, they were unable to operate on it so they just told him to stay on lots of oxygen.  Also...

drum roll please...

they said the tumors have shrunk a little bit!! Wwwwwoooooooooohooooo!  Praise God!  We're praying that continues in these coming months.

So, he is continuing with chemo treatment.  They want him to keep doing chemo until the tumors stop shrinking.  With this glimmer of hope, dad seems to be in higher spirits and is currently making plans for a long fishing trip.  He's been wanting to go fish for over two years now so I'm thinkin' this is the Summer to do it (Lord willing)!  I'm praying he'll continue to feel better so we're able to do some of the things he has been dreaming about during these rough winter months. 

This last weekend was so stinkin' wonderful and gorgeous!  I got to spend a few days on Mount Evans with the college group from my church. was totally ridiculous, hilarious, and just altogether great.  We played card games, cooked, drank delish coffee, roasted marshmallows, played Korean games that involved slapping each other, improv, deep conversations, building a fire by the lake at midnight, falling asleep to the crackling of the fire, hiking, running, playing in the river, and getting to know each other...real well.  So thankful for awesome friends, God, and gorgeous mountains.

I could look at this everyday.  Never gets old.


adventure downtown: on the hunt for a bridesmaid dress!

Reading this in the ER.  haha I love this book.

sunrise in the city 

every once in a while...I love downtown


  1. Sounds like a bunch of great times. Of course we know there can always be bad days (even in Australia)

  2. Yay, Jesus! I'm so glad for the good news with your daddy :) And the retreat was a blastttt