Monday, July 4, 2011

welcome to the sauna

Weeeeeee MADE IT!

After driving all day, we got in town around seven o'clock last night, exhausted. The road trip went flawlessly! Thanks to all of you who were praying over the trip! We all had a great time - good talks, good laughs, and great company! I'm pretty sure it was the most low-key road trip I've ever had with the fam haha. Instead of fighting or pulling hair (as we did when we were all little), I'm pretty sure Brice and I slept 90% of the time. We somehow found how to be comfortable in the back seat of the truck and passed out.

I kinda wish I had a good story from the trip...but I think the most interesting part was when Brice gleeked on me so I flicked his ear and said "Bad dog!" Haha I think that shows how out of it both of us were.

It rained here last night when we got in and let me tell was WEIRD! I looooove rain but the rain down here is so different! It was 95 degrees, the rain was hot & sandy with whipping wind that made it feel like a straight up sand storm. And, it did not smell good. It kinda smelled like a rotting plant or something. Haha for sure a different experience.

I haven't ventured out of the condo yet today. I'm kinda scared. The condo is so awesome and filled with glorious AC. Last night I was sweating and the sun was down...haha just looking outside at the sun blazing down makes me want to jump in the pool. It literally feels like a sauna. If you don't know what I'm talking about, GO find a sauna, sit in it for 3 hours and then you'll know how hot it is here :)

Today is our "day off". It's after all a holiday, right?? Dad's first appointment is tomorrow at the clinic so please pray over that. Pray that God's hand will be in the planning of the treatments and everything that they'll be figuring out tomorrow. Thanks!! Okay, I think I'm going to go wake up Sleeping Beauty (Brice) so we can workout/pool it UP! :) Hope you ALL are having a glorious day!


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  1. Wow Brooke that is crazy that you're in Arizona! I'm praying for you for sure while you're down there! And your dad especially! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you :)