Saturday, July 23, 2011


For the past few days we've been busy trying to see and do all we could in Arizona. We hit up some awesome restaurants, went to see the "world famous fountain" of Fountain Hills, golfed, and did some last minute shopping.

Brice and I got into DENVER (!!) this morning! We came back to go to a camp with the youth group that we've been going to for many years. It was harder than I thought it would be to leave Arizona. The desert for sure grew on me and I sure did love the people (you know who you are!). I decided I am much like a weed. It's hard to pull me up from the ground, but I can flourish and be replanted anywhere. It's super hard for me to leave places, especially after I've gotten to know awesome people. But then, after I'm plucked up, it's really easy for me to get rooted again quickly. As for now, I'm in the awkward stage of feeling like I'm in limbo. I'm sure that'll all change quickly ;)

As for my parents, they are staying in Arizona to continue with dad's treatments. He was having trouble with his veins this past week so he took a break for a few days. Because his veins are so full, they have (in a sense) disappeared into his arm, making it hard to access them. So, to fix that, on Monday he is going into the hospital and getting a procedure done to put in a port. This makes it so that they won't poke his veins to do the IV treatments, but they will just use the port instead. Please pray over that procedure and that everything will go great! Also, the PET scan went well and they found that he only has the 6 tumors in his lungs. It did not spread to anywhere else in his body! YAY! Thanks for the prayers! They were definitely answered!

So now, we're off to camp! Pray that my parents don't get too much "empty nesters" sadness! And please pray over our trip and just thanking God for all the lives that are sure to change this coming week!

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