Monday, August 29, 2011

school, work, park

Wow! Already done with my first week of school! Yeeeah buddy!

I'm not sure if it's because I'm an upper classman now or if college has ruined me...but I'm the biggest procrastinator now. So weird. I used to always freak out my first week of school, trying to buy books, find my classes...etc. This year, I didn't put any thought into school until 6pm the night before. The good part of this is that I wasn't stressed at all this w
eek! I think I could use an extra dose of "I care about my education still" but at the same time, I'm so laid back about it all...most things I don't really care about. Most my classes are pretty good. I'm thinking it will be an easy semester for the most part. YAY!

Last weekend/week my dad was feeling super sick. I think he got a cold or something so that was a big bummer. But, thanks to God, he is feeling better. :)

Started work today (insert happy dance)! I've mis
sed all my kiddos over the summer. Each fall I'm reminded of this song.

Took a lovely 2 hour walk through City Park (while B-rice was at practice). I loved exploring the park and admiring all the highly motivated Coloradans working out.

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