Monday, August 22, 2011

road trippin'

Last week I had the great pleasure of road trippin' across Colorado with Irene Grace! It was soooo crazy and ridiculous haha...story of my life. As we headed out of town we rocked out to "Jai Ho" and trucked up into the mountains.

Day 1
: We stopped off in Glenwood Springs for the day. Sadly, we got lost and then stuck on a really bad dirt road while trying to find our campsite. Irene was stressed and worried about her car being ruined. I was laughing saying, "This is seriously like a movie!" We ended up finding a tiny old man with a pickup truck to pull us outta the ditch. Thankfully, we got out, found our campsite and then went to downtown Glenwood for AMAZING Italian food.

Day 2
: Drove through Maroon Bells area. It was the most beautiful drive/area I could possibly imagine. If you can, you need to see that before you die. Colorado never ceases to amaze me. We got to Crested Butte where we were greeted by hills filled with wildflowers. The mountains looked yellow because of all the flowers. It was GORGEOUS! Crested Butte was by far my favorite place we went.

Day 3
: On our way to Telluride we drove through Gunnison and Montrose. Gunnison was really pretty and it was fun to see the terrain change every ten minutes. We stayed at Alta Lakes, outside of Telluride. It was so pretty, we were right on one of the three lakes up there.

Day 4
: We had a relaxing day of exploring the lakes up there. Reading by the lake and taking a nap in the sun was a nice change of pace. By the end of the day, however, we slightly lost our minds and ended up singing "Reading Rainbow" and "7th Heaven" songs by the campfire at night. haha it was a classic last night of camping.

Day 5
: Despite being extremely tired, we explored the town of Telluride and stayed at an awesome hotel! YAY! It was sooo nice to get all washed up and sleep in a bed. There were some really fun shops there but it was kinda like Vail in the sense that everything was super expensive and they "nickel and dimed" us everywhere.

Day 6: For our last night we stayed at a hotel in Montrose where we got all dressed up and went out for some sushi. It was so wonderful! I wasn't a huge fan of Montrose, but we did find an awesome jerky stand right on the side of the road. Aaaah, so delish!

It was a super crazy adventure. I am now, more than ever, convinced that Colorado is the most stunning state. Pictures don't even do it justice. However, I also realized, mountain people are INSANE! Truly, they are out of their minds. But ya know, that just made the trip all the more interesting, right?

I got home, got ready in a half an hour, and then went to the Army Ball in the Springs! haha it was such a random night. I was for sure not expecting to go to a Ball after a week of camping but it ended up being a fun night and I met some cool people. And to answer your question: yes, my date we cute. And yes, we are just friends! haha

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