Thursday, September 15, 2011

birthday bashin'

Guess what?!?
I'm no longer a "teen"!
haha I feel so old now...not really.
But I had such a wonderful birthday!  
I'm so thankful for all the amazing people that bless me everyday.

Thank you!
Some highlights were: 
--Tea with my momma
--Adventure with Irene
--SEATTLE with my sista!!
Not gonna lie...I do believe my weekend with Ky was probably one (if not the) most wonderful trip of my life.  It was so much fun & I just love that girl (and her fam)!  
Lord willing, I will for sure be going back to Seattle someday.

Sad note: 9-11 was especially hard this year.  One dear family friend passed away on Sunday morning.  Please keep the whole Seedroff family in your prayers.  Tom and his infectious smile will surely be missed.

Happy note: God is still good.  Wonderful, in fact.  Also, the days are starting to get shorter and the temps are dropping!  :) Oh rain, rain, much happiness!

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