Friday, September 23, 2011


It's time for a family update...because there are many this week.

1. This past weekend Blake surprised us by stoppin' by!  He got to stay for a long weekend.  It was just wonderful.  It's always nice to have the family back together.  We got to hang out, catch up, hike, and chill!

2. Brett is officially engaged!!  woohoo!  Adorable proposal, gorgeous ring, and a wonderful fianc√©.  I can't wait for their wedding & to welcome Emily into the fam!  Love you both!

3. Dad has been having weird symptoms lately such as: hard time taking deep breaths, pain in abdomen.  Yesterday he got another chest x-ray that said the tumors have grown a bit.  As of now, my parents are looking into going to Wisconsin for some treatment.  I'm not sure what all that will cost, but I'm pretty sure they'll be driving out there.  Lots of unknowns as of now.  Prayers and love notes and/or hugs are always appreciated :)

To sum it all up...umm... I don't know how to sum up this week.  It's kinda like the feeling of being on a roller coaster ride that you really don't want to be on.  You know that feeling?  You're all strapped in and your heart is beating so fast.  Right as they push the start button and the ride starts going, you decide this is way too scary for you and all you want to do is get off.  But, alas, you can't.  They already started the ride.  You're stuck, you're going, and there is nothing you can do about it.  Yep, that's a summary of how this week has felt.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

"Rejoice always,
pray continually, 
give thanks in all circumstances."

I'm so thankful for my family - love them!

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